Deposit Financing specializes in getting people into their next home effectively and efficiently. If you have a firm offer on your present home, we help you access your current equity to put a deposit down on your new home.


  • Thank goodness for Deposit Financing Inc.

    These clients had a heavy debt load (that was getting paid off with the sale of their current home) and their bank was not about to give them any kind of credit increase. Thank goodness for Deposit Financing Inc. Neil and Zack made the process simple and fast. My client is signing today with her notary and the $20,000 deposit will be transferred into the Trust Account for tomorrow’s subject removal. Thank you Deposit Financing for making my week a whole lot easier.

    Debbie T (Mortgage Broker)
  • Was an absolute walk in the park.

    Coordinating a deposit loan through Deposit Financing was an absolute walk in the park. The document requirements were very straight forward and easy to gather on my clients behalf, and as soon as they were received, the process got going very quick. The deposit was delivered to my client’s realty office within 1 business day of receiving everything required. I will not hesitate to recommend and use Deposit Financing again for future clients in the same situation, and I definitely will refer them to any mortgage broker colleagues I come across finding themselves in a similar situation. Thanks for all your help Zack!

    Sameer P (Mortgage Broker)
  • Quick, simple and stress free!

    Thanks so much Zack; the process was extremely quick, simple and stress free!

    Alicia B (Client)

Mortgage & Home Deposit Loans Offered
at Deposit Financing Canada

Obtaining a mortgage for a deposit loan would entail an appraisal, legal fees and registration of a mortgage. With Deposit Financing, these costs are unnecessary, therefore, eliminated making us the most cost and time efficient method for obtaining real estate deposit loans.