Deposit loans are for people who have a firm offer on their home; however, don’t have funds available for a deposit on their purchase until their sale completes. British Columbia properties only.

Visit the Cash Before Completion tab if you need funds before your sale completes and are not purchasing a new home.

Deposit Plus

Is for people who need access to deposit funds, as well as extra cash before their sale completes. Whether its for a vacation, moving/storage expenses, cash flow or unexpected costs.

Why this happens

Most often when someone is in the process of selling their current home to buy their next home, they try to line up the purchase and sale dates within 1-2 days of each other. This makes for a smooth transition from one home, to the next. Unfortunately, this can create a problem with the deposit, because unlike the down payment, the real estate deposit is required to be provided in advance, which is usually 1-2 months before your purchase/sale date. This makes it very hard for many people to provide a deposit from their own funds, when they were originally relying on their sale proceeds to cover this cost.

Features & Advantages

No Appraisal
No Payments
No Credit Check
Quick Funding
No Income Verification
Easy Application
No Charge on Property
No Need To Redeem Investments
Funds Are Not Due Until Your Sale Completes
Funds Are Wired Directly to Your Account

Pricing & Parameters


Deposit Loans

$10,000 – $100,000 Unsecured

Deposit Plus

$10,000 – $50,000 Unsecured

Interest rate

1% Monthly

Processing fee

5% (minimum $1,000)

Documents Required

  • Void cheque
  • Title search of your home
  • Application & Government photo ID
  • Sale agreement with subjects removed
  • Purchase agreement of your new home
  • Statement of your current mortgage/charges
  • Name and firm of the Lawyer or Notary who will be handling your sale


  • Inquire: Send an email to with the amount you would like to request and the length of time you require the funds for.
  • Pre-Approval: We will outline our terms, conditions and pricing.
  • Required documents are sent in: See the “Documents Required” section.
  • Approval: We will issue our 3 required documents to be signed
    • Promissory Note
    • Application/Declaration
    • Assignment of Funds & Direction to Pay (Required to be signed by the Lawyer or Notary who is handling your sale).
  • Funding: Once the signed documents have been received from your Lawyer or Notary, the funds will be directly transferred into your personal account.

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