In order to purchase a home, you are required to put a deposit down. If you are like the thousands of Canadians out there selling their current residence in order to purchase their new home, your deposit money is currently locked up in your equity. We let you access your equity to put a deposit down, and you simply pay back the deposit when you sell your home.

Features & Advantages

No Appraisal
No Payments
No Credit Check
Quick Funding
No Income Verification
Easy Application
Funds Are Not Due Until Completion
Funds Wired Directly to Realty Firm
No Charge on Property
No Need To Redeem Investment Products

Pricing & Parameters

Deposit Amounts

$10,000 – $100,000 – Unsecured

Interest Rate

1% Monthly

Processing Fee


Document & Process

Documents Required

  • Title of Your Home (Sale Property)
  • Application & Government Photo ID
  • Sale Agreement with Subject Removal
  • Copy of the Current Mortgage/Charges
  • Purchase Agreement of Your New Home


  • Inquire: Send in the deposit amount needed and the length of time required.
  • Pre-Approval: We will outline our terms, conditions and pricing.
  • Required documents are sent in: See the “Documents Required” section.
  • Approval: We issue our 3 required documents to be signed: Promissory Note, Application/Declaration and Assignment of Funds & Direction to Pay (Witnessed by Lawyer/Notary)
  • Funding: Once signed documents are received, funds will be directly wired to the Real Estate’s Trust Account.

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